BGMU says keep trash, wipes out of toilets

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities understands the importance of
keeping surfaces disinfected and loved ones clean during this national pandemic.
While our goal is to educate the public on keeping trash out of the wastewater
system year-round, we are imploring our community to help with the disposal of
disinfecting wipes, personal care wipes, paper towels and other trash. Since the
beginning of the pandemic, we have experienced very large volumes of wipes, rags and
other products in our wastewater pump stations.

It is misleading for packages of wipes to convey the message they are flushable.
These items may go down the toilet, but they do not break down like toilet paper.
They can cause blockages and eventually cause pipes to back up and overflow into
homes and public areas. They also cause excessive damage to our pump stations.
Please remember to throw all wipes and trash away in a trash can, and only flush
human waste and toilet paper. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this matter.